Convert M4P to Ringtones for iPhone

You can use the free ringtone maker app to convert your music songs to ringtones for iPhone. However you will find the ringtone maker can't convert some audio files, such as the M4P music purchased from iTunes store. If you use the free ringtone maker to play and convert the m4p files, the app may crash or quit unexpectedly.

M4P music songs are protected audio files encoded with advanced audio codec (AAC). The M4P file extension is commonly seen in an Apple iTunes purchased song which uses Apples "Fairplay" DRM (digital rights management). Apple does not want people to unlock the m4p music songs, so almost all ringtone makers or apps for iOS are not allowed to convert the m4p to ringtones.

If you still like to convert a m4p song to iPhone ringtone, you need to transfer the m4p files to your computer and use a third party audio converter to convert the m4p to other audio format such as the most popular audio format mp3. After that, you can transfer the converted mp3 to iPhone and use our free iPhone ringtone app to convert it to ringtones.

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To convert m4p protected music to unprotected songs on your PC or Mac, we recommend Tuneclone.